Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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She closed her eyes and tried not to cry out as his finger nails dug deep into the firm flesh of her butt and his cock rammed her hard.

The man, named Rick, primarily worked as a personal trainer but did handle massages when requested. Rick is 27 years old and quite fit, as the ladies that go can attest to. He's in a flirters paradise, Karen included.

They sixty-nined and finished it.

"Hey, Josh, over here!"

Tim spoke quickly, trying to sound comfortable about this unusual situation. "I hope you like the wine. I did not know what to do or get." He looked at her hoping for approval.

I slipped the tip of my dick between the folds of her pussy lips and ran it up and down the length of her crack. With a single motion, I slipped inside her slowly inching my way to the further reaches of her innards. She closed her eyes and leaned forward with me as I moved deeper inside her. I was surprised at how different she felt from Karen, tighter between her lips, but more open the deeper I went.

As I pulled her panties from her ankles, I held them to my face and inhaled deeply as I chewed on them and sucked the juices from the cotton crotch. Mary was weakly calling my name now and I grasped her by her hips and buried my face as far into her pussy as I could get. She went crazy with lust, flailing her legs about and pulling my hair and all the while screaming for me to tear it up baby, ohh god teddy eat me baby eat me!

The rest of our ride home passed quickly and uneventful and we hit the shower immediately. We helped each other off with our clothes and Rick was very playful. He was obviously someone excited after our long day out side, and when I asked him what had gotten into him, her replied that he just enjoyed the day.

“Oh, father, worry not, you will make everything work out perfectly, you always do. In the mean time, how about I take your mind of your troubles,” before she had finished talking, he was unzipped, pulled out, and she was straddling him. Her lack of underwear was no surprise, he knew she enjoyed using her charms whenever possible.

"But can't we even …" He finished his sentence with a longing look that was impossible to misinterpret.

"I told you I'd take you places you've never been..., " James cooed coyly.

Frustrated she pounds on the steering wheel. She is pretty sure there is nothing in walking distance except wild animals. And someone has to come down this god-forsaken road sometime. In a moment of self-pity she rests her head on her arms and bursts into tears.

Bob licked me clean and then licked his way up my body till he was lying completely on top of me. I could feel his hard pre-cum leaking cock pressed next to my stomach. Bob then once again put his lips on mine. This time I welcomed his kiss. I opened my lips and received my first man kiss. His lips were so soft and tender as he kissed me. I could taste the aftermath of my cum on his lips. It was a little tangy and salty but still lost in the throes of desire I never really thought much about it.

She laughed and he did too.

Her thong began to slip down over her thighs to her knees from where it cascaded down to her ankles .

"Yes I...I...want to..." I stammered.

Vince was cold, strangely cold...as if...his jaw dropped. No wonder he was so cold, he wasn't wearing his clothes! All he saw was a pink string bikini covering massive, buoyant boobs, sleek legs with the lithesome perfection of a Greek statue, and delicate hands with painted nails. He....He felt a thick mane of lustrous hair falling across his back. Silvery hair. Vince was a woman! What the....how in... Other people had begun to stare in slack-jawed amazement; he wasn't sure if anyone saw his....his....transformation, or if they assumed that this gorgeous babe materialized out of thin air.

As the door closed behind him, Alex moved to help Maria out of her dress. Finally Maria spoke up, " Alex, what is this a joke? Did you ask them to send a black masseur?"

We had been chatting for ten minutes when the door opened and my husband walked in. I said ‘Hi darling" and got up to embrace him and gave him a big kiss. I love my husband dearly and it is important that he is constantly assured that this is the case.

"There will be three good-looking ladies and five or six guys coming over. The ladies liked to party in a sexy way and could be persuaded to do almost anything."